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Rev. Milton R. Solomon,  Jr.


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 9:45 - 10:45 AM

Church History

The History of

Pine Grove Missionary Baptist Church

In 1873, Pine Grove Baptist Church was established by N.A. Purefoy, a white minister.  Ann Shearin gave the land on which the church was built.  The church’s original name was Cedar Grove Baptist Church and later changed to Pine Grove Baptist Church.  During this time our members worshipped at the Gardners Baptist Church. It was through the efforts and prayers of the members that brought Pine Grove Baptist Church into existence.

Reverend Mitchell Ross was the first pastor of Pine Grove Baptist Church.  Other pastors succeeded him and under their leadership new ideas of what could be done became reality. Difficulties were encountered but that did not stop the members from moving forward. They had big dreams for the church, and they were trusting God to guide them.

By 1879, there were two hundred and thirty-four (234) members in the church.  Between the years, 1873 & 1881 men were paying $1.00 per year and women paying $.50.  In 1890 the men paid $1.25 per year and the women paid $.50 cents.  The members had learned to give a part of their earnings freely to the church.

In 1879, Pine Grove Baptist Church joined the Shiloh Association.  Reverend Ross and Deacon Jerry Wright were the first delegates to attend the Shiloh Association.  Pine Grove Baptist Church hosted the Shiloh Association and the delegates were:  Brother Cyrus Milam and Brother Henry Pennington.  They represented the church with $3.00.

In 1895, Brother Henry Watson organized a choir.  Later the church bought an organ and a choir was organized with Sister Mary Watson as choir leader and Brother George Mason as elected organist.  In 1918, Sister Mattie Rodwell succeeded George Mason after his death and Sister Ida Shearin was her assistant.  Sister Rodwell served for 54 years as pianist, upon her passing, Sister Ruth Warwick succeeded her as pianist.

In 1926, Reverend P.I. Boone was elected as pastor of Pine Grove Baptist Church.  He encouraged church members to pay a salary of $.25 cents for men and $.15 cents for women per month.  This was the beginning of financial progress for Pine Grove. The church made great progress throughout the first 53 years.

The first church was built by carpenter, Brother Rufus Harvey, with other members assisting him.  Later, there were two more churches built including the present one.  The pioneer members looked forward to purchasing more land for expansion and acquired it from the Burrows for a new cemetery near the church, after the old cemetery was filled.

During the early years, members were baptized in the pond.  Later a pool was built on the grounds of the church and a small building built in back of the church to serve as a fellowship hall.  Dinner was served in the fellowship hall for many years.  Later tables were set up under the cedar trees and the members served dinner and fellowshipped with one another. It was also during this time that the Sunday School, the Missionary Circle, B.T.U., Usher Board and other church auxiliaries were formulated.

In 1930, Reverend C.C. Staton was elected as pastor of Pine Grove Missionary Baptist Church.  Under his leadership, Women’s Day and Men’s Day was instituted and committees were formed to plan these programs.

In 1940, the church gave Sister Bertha Palmer, Sister Blanch Palmer and Sister Ida Shearin authorization to select church ushers. The first ushers were  Sister Lucille Fitts, Sister Lenora Mason and Brother William Shearin.

In 1942, the first Women’s Day program was held on the third Sunday in May.  Later the men planned a Men’s Day program for the third Sunday in June and the young people held Children’s Day in April.  

As years passed, the membership became interested in remodeling the church and subsequently the church was bricked in and new windows were installed.

In 1943, pulpit chairs were purchased and Sister Mattie Williams donated a communion set to the church.  

In 1944, the church was wired for electric lights, new pews were purchased and a new pulpit was erected.  Later Deacon Raymond Fitts donated new light fixtures.  During the first year Reverend Johnson was pastor, the choir stand was moved to the back of the pulpit; rest rooms were added; a baptism pool was built in the church; and floors were refinished and carpeted.

In 1983, Reverend James Clements was elected pastor, a community bible study was organized; additional pews and choir robes were purchased for the young adult.  Reverend Clements had a compassionate heart for children and always made personal donations to the youth ministry at Pine Grove and other churches he visited.

In 1997, Reverend William E. Powers was elected as pastor and installed in 1997.  The congregation continued to grow.  Ten new members were baptized.  Brother Mack L. Palmer and Brother Michael L. Palmer were ordained Deacons; Sister Olga Palmer and Sister Diane Palmer were installed as Deaconesses; Bible Study was reformed; Prayer Night was initiated; the First Sunday Worship Service for Youth was started; Vacation Bible School was organized; Sister Gloria Harrison organized the Adult Choir; and the Missionary Circle was re-organized.  Reverend Powers served until his death in 2005.

In 2007, Reverend Milton R. Solomon, Jr. was elected as pastor.  Under his leadership, the church has moved forward “to be about our Father’s business in kingdom building.” Reverend Solomon and the members of Pine Grove Missionary Baptist Church have worked hard and accomplished many things in the Name of the Lord.  

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Reverend Solomon has baptized 10 new members; ordained the first female deacon, Sister Mable Slade; Sister Kimberly Hawkins and Sister Gloria Harrison were installed as Trustees; the choir loft was remodeled and new loft chairs and a new church van purchased. Sister Carrie Houston donated new bibles and hymnals. Brother Walter Palmer donated 15 new Bibles and Sister Mattie Bell Hawkins donated a new communion set. In Addition the vestibule was remodeled; a new hot water heater was installed under the church floor; the pulpit was carpeted; church by-laws were revised; bible study was re-started on Wednesday night; the Missionary Circle was reorganized; outside

light fixtures and the church marquee were upgraded.  The church grounds was landscaped; the property was surveyed and permanent markers was established; the Fellowship Hall was remodeled inside and renamed the Multi-Purpose Building and the sound system upgraded and relocated to the back of the church.

The pioneers left an example for Pine Grove Missionary Baptist Church to follow.  They contributed their reflections, guidance, assistance, prayers, patience, encouragement, and love to the building of this “Branch of Zion”.  Through trials and tribulations, they kept on believing that the Lord would make a way…and He did!

Today, we thank GOD for what He Has Done, and Is Doing and Will Do here at Pine Grove.