Pastor Desk Message

It is a blessing from God to be able to return the pulpit on Sunday, February 2, 2014.


I know that it doesn’t take a lot of understanding to know that the opposite of can is can’t. When we look at this word from a negative perspective, it is not a good thing! The word can’t when we are looking at it from a negative perspective, means that we are in a position of disparity. We are just about to give up! You will never accomplish anything if you never try. A race is never won until you try to start to run a race. When we say  can’t, we are really saying to the devil, “come on big boy and have your way. When we say I can’t we are lowering our God given standards. When we say I can’t we are saying I can’t do what God has said I can do. We are really giving the devil a little more ammunition. Can’t will cause men and women like Jeremiah to hang up their robes and say, “I can’t preach anymore.”

If God says I can, then why should I say I can’t? If I can think positive why in the world should I think negative? If God says I can have it, then why in the world should I say no, it’s out of my reach? Can’t will make you waver instead of walking the straight and narrow path. Can’t will cause you to take the lowest instead of the highest! Can’t will make churches put projects on hold, that God said we could do it!  Saying can’t will pull and contaminate your spirit. If you got can’t in your spirit, and I hang around you long enough you will put can’t into my spirit, and I will begin talking the same talk that you are talking.

I tell you this year, there are going to be some challenges. There is going to be some disappointments. There is going to be some sickness. There is going to be some bad news. But right in the midst of our fiery furnaces, we still serve a God, that can still bring us out. Can’t nobody do me like Jesus. Can’t nobody do me like the Lord. I know he still can!

No Short Cuts”

In our daily attempt in trying to embrace the directions of God, it is important we understand, that we cannot take any shortcuts.  Allow me to reword that statement. In order to fully receive the desire that God has for each of us, we can not take short cuts to get the result. God doesn’t have a short route in accomplishing His purpose. If we are going to accomplish what God want us to do, we will have to do it God’s way.

The strategy of the enemy has been and still is to try to trick us into shortcuts so as to abandon God’s assignment upon our lives.

God has called a people unto himself, a people that are willing to restrain his or her own desire and obey the voice of God. He is calling a people who are willing to be led. God has no bargain basements. He has no blue light specials. He has no quantity discounts. He has no “buy one and get one free”! He has no two for the price of one. He has no buy now and pay no interest til 2018. He has no ninety day same as cash. He has no “sign and drive”. God does have a way that if we follow it with out taking shortcuts, we will arrive on time at the right place.

In my closing I suggest that you don’t waste valuable time, energy and money trying to revise or short cut the desired route God has already laid out for you. 02/16/2014

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