Website Re-design

Warm welcome extended to the viewers of this Pine Grove MBC blog. For the past few days the web design folks at Evolution Design Concepts, that’s us, have been working on a more user friendly, cleaner look with added features for Pine Grove, Olive Grove and Ridgeway Missionary Baptist Churches.

Actually, these churches have agreed to be our test pilots for this new look. We are grateful to the Pine Grove, Olive Grove, Ridgeway churches, and its members for trusting Evolution Design to test this new look with them. We are sure it will give you the viewer, an enhanced look at the wonderful activities and dynamic outreach which has long been the cornerstone of these three churches.

We will also be changing the blog style during the early evening hours today. This new efficient design of the Blog will allow for us to bring you more interactive Sermons, Lectures and Videos.  With this new Blog change we will also be introducing two new pages to this blog. The first is “Pastor Desk Message” and the second will be titled “Sermons.” Since we are speaking of new pages let us not forget to mention that a new page will be added to the website. That page will be called “Bible Study,” no further explanation is needed.

So there is lots going on and for additional information please come to this blog. Please bookmark this blog now and save it in your favorites section on your computer to make it easy to return.

We are sorry for any delay in completing this website re-design. It is our hope to make it available between 11 pm and 11:45 pm Thursday evening, June 6th. At 11:45 pm all elements to the website that are complete will be uploaded and all other additions to this re-design will be complete from the live website.

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