39th Annual Alexander/Pegues Ministers’ Conference at Shaw University

I want to thank the “Believers” of Pine Grove Missionary Baptist Church of Macon NC for your unconditional support to me in my attendance at the Conference. I left the conference feeling like I had sat at the “Lords Table” and fellowship with him. I have more to offer you because I was there to receive the blessing. Rev. Dr. Bruce Grady and his staff deserves a standing ovation for the conference. The theme was “Preaching With Clarity In An Age Of Uncertainty”. Every presenter, lecturer, and preacher brought their “A” game.

Thanks again Pine Grove Disciples for your love and support.

Pastor Solomon

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3 Responses to 39th Annual Alexander/Pegues Ministers’ Conference at Shaw University

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  2. Pastor says:

    Thank you for your comment. I must first thank God for this site. Then I thank God for Mr. Greg Thompson, who spent the necessary time with us to hear the vision that God had given us. Yes he really went beyond the call of duty. He has the awesome gift of panting the picture given in words. May you be blessed in your endeavors and we pray you will return to our site as we continue to “GO” as God has instructed to do so.

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